debugging veejay

To help us fix things in veejay faster, please provide the following

  1. full veejay console output
    (always run veejay with the '-v' commandline option)

In case of segmentation faults,

  1. Run configure with '--enable-debug' for both server and client
  2. Run veejay-server and reloaded in the debugger

    $ gdb /full/path/to/veejay (gdb) r -v /path/to/some/videofile.avi

  3. When it crashes,

    (gdb) bt

And copy&paste the output

Also, valgrind is an excellent tool for debugging veejay, I'm always interested in a few valgrind logs to make veejay more robuust. This will only be usefull if you have run configure with --enable-debug (from a clean source tree)

$ valgrind --log-file=/tmp/veejay.log --leak-resolution=high --leak-
check=full /full/path/to/veejay -v /path/to/videofile.avi