Document Freedom Day

On wednesday 28th march there's already the 4th Document Freedom Day in The Hague!, more info here:

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veejay 1.5.5 released

veejay 1.5.5 is out now!



fixed problem of setting playback speed while paused

MIDI channel/parameter numbers in reloaded can be used as sample IDs where 0 = current playing.

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veejay 1.5.4 released

veejay 1.5.4 is out now!



  • fixed data race condition in capture thread (affects all video capture devices)

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veejay 1.5.3 released

veejay 1.5.3 is out now!

veejay-1.5.3 all-in-one package

  • Added support for basic (CCD) image calibration.
    (Dark Current subtraction & Flat Field Correction)
    There are two methods to combine frames: Average or Median Filter

  • Added new Stream 'Calibration Image' (bugged)
    Use this to load your calibration config and apply it to existing video

  • Added Constant-time median filtering from Simon Perreault
    ( )

  • Fixed VIMS 330 'Screenshot'

  • Fixed TrueType font name display

  • Fixed synchronization problem in Reloaded

  • Added VIMS message 'VIMS_CONTINUOUS_PLAY' for continuous sample
    (positions are not reset when switching samples. Required for veejay-

  • Added absolute cycle count to StatusMessage
    (status token #19 and #- Fixed setting Norm on commandline (fixes David's problem)

  • Fixed Dummy Mode

  • Changed Dummy mode to playback in 720x5476 PAL or 720x480 NTSC resolution
    ( set VEEJAY_RUN_MODE=CLASSIC environment variable to get old behaviour)

  • Refactorized OSC event handling. Use veejay -u to dump namespace. No pulling of data yet, only triggers.
    The new OSC namespaces matches VIMS 1:1

  • Added VIMS_SAMPLE_STACK message to pull FX mixing sources (veejay-

  • Added VIMS_CHAIN_FOLLOW_FADE message to switch sources after fading
    (Also added toggle button in Reloaded below the Chain Fade Slider)

  • Added the Constant-time median filtering algorithm as a new Image FX

  • Updated veejay's MAN page 20) Required for veejay-radar

  • Fixed connection instability issues (libvjnet)

  • Lots of bugfixes

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veejay 1.5.2 released!

veejay 1.5.2 is out now

For Dyne II (Dhoruba)

For Ubuntu 9.10

Source packages:

Support This Project

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veejay 1.5.1 released

veejay 1.5.1 is out now,

it is a bugfix release of 1.5.0

the all-in-one package is here

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veejay 1.5.0 released

veejay 1.5.0 is out now,

it is a bugfix release of 1.4.8

the all-in-one package is here



  • bugfixes to audio playback
  • bugfixes to v4l streams
  • clean up sources
  • applied font fix patch from Tuukka Pasanen
  • applied make dist patch from Tuukka Pasanen


  • fixed restarting reloaded
  • fixed samplebank loading
  • fixed VIMS Bundles window

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veejay 1.4.8 released

Veejay 1.4.8 is out now
veejay 1.4.8 all-in-one

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veejay 1.4.5 released

This is a bugfix release with minor feature enhancements


Main changes:

Faster startup
Better quality picture (fixed mixup between Rec. 601 and JPEG/JFIF)
Added support for JPEG streaming webcams (V4L1), tested with ov51x-jpeg
Slow motion works for mixing samples
Added support for MJPEG-b, Lossless JPEG, YUV4MPEG 4:2:x
Added recorders for YUV planar 4:2:x JPEG/JFIF
Added support for TwinView/One Big Desktop configurations
Auto loop plain mode
Sample create in reverse play
Remote listing for veejay's working directory in Reloaded
Added environment variables to customize veejay behaviour, see veejay -u or man veejay


- Fixes to Multitrack in Reloaded  
- Fixes to unicast streaming  
- Fixed chroma bug in preview image  
- Save composite configuration per sample  
- Many small fixes to Reloaded  
- SRT positioning  
- Fixed DV support (PAL/NTSC)  
- Fixed blending filters  
- Fixed action-file/sample-list loading  
- Fixed some possible race conditions in playback thread  
- Fixed reloaded's screen size  
- Fixed opening multiple V4L devices  


- OpenGL output driver  
- Yuv4MPEG output stream (-O3 -o stdout)  
- Drop YUV 4:2:0 processing  
- Drop crop and zoom (obsolete)  
- Drop pixelate FX  


- Veejay environment script (test/startup)

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Veejay installation

Veejay running in Delden, from 13/12/08 to 08/01/09


Testing the projection outside

from the inside

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veejay 1.4.3 released

This is a bugfix / cleanup release to Veejay 1.4

Easier to compile, several dependencies have been dropped:

  • Unicap

  • Mjpegtools

  • GtkCairo

Main changes:

  • Faster capturing (EffecTV's v4lutils) instead of Unicap

  • Added commandline switch to swap YUV range [0..255] <-> [16..235] on input video files

  • Better slow motion, interpolate first/last frame according to loop direction

  • Added skin for 1024x768 reloaded


* dropped gtkcairo dependency  
* added -l commandline paramter to reloaded to select ui skin  
* added -X commandline parameter to reloaded to set number of tracks  
* added reset midi layout to menu  
* added slow motion slider  
* added more tooltips  
* allow sample-in-sample creation  
* match sample slot image dimensions with slot container  
* fixed midi learner  
* fixed SRT positioning  
* fixed FX Anim  
* fixed sample loop recording  
* fixed crash on missing file in ~/.veejay/fonts  

* added -e commandline parameter to veejay to swap yuv range on input video  
* added 'VEEJAY_CAPTURE_DEVICE' environment variable to select between unicap  
or v4lutils capturing  
* dropped unicap dependency (optional now)  
* dropped mjpegtools dependency (required components are now included)  
* added v4lutils from EffecTV (default)  
* allow sample-in-sample creation  
* Interpolate first/last frame in slow motion according to loop direction  
* bugfixes to Sample and Stream behaviour  
* fixed compilation problems  
* fixed build problems on some distributions  


All-in-one source package:

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veejay 1.4.1 released

This is veejay 1.4.1


Veejay 1.4 supports now the perspective transformation on a per-sample basis,
You can use this feature to calibrate your camera in such way that the video
projected corresponds with the object's position in physical space - at least,
approximately depending on pixel to millimeter ratio's. This is great for setups like
wall projections with interactive mirrors or floor projections with interactive water
(try rippleTV) You can also use this feature to project the video onto an object on stage.
This feature is in beta.

New Features:

  • Beta: Camera/Projector calibration per sample

  • Chained rendering of image effects

  • Sample based perspective transformation setup (CTRL-s)

  • Some new FX


  • Many bugfixes

  • support lower resolution streams when playing in highres

  • better colorspace support

  • Improved handling of action files (veejay's saved settings)

  • Improved OSD/Font rendering and SRT subtitling


Ubuntu Intrepid

Source packages:

( dependencies, themes, utilities )

( veejay client and server )

Bleeding Edge:

svn co svn://

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veejay 1.2pre1 released

We are happy to announce the release of veejay-1.2pre1

As was stated on the list:

After some inactivity time, there is finally veejay 1.2  
Most (if not all) issues that have been reported here in the  
last few months have been resolved; most notably  
the video streaming bug in the Multi Tracker and the previewing  
problems with Reloaded on multi-core systems.  

If you'r lucky, there will be source packages soon - meanwhile,  
$ svn checkout svn://  

Especially users on newer distro's are encouraged to upgrade, since the preview-bug ( releated to a newer relase of gdk/gtk) has been solved, along other issues

go to the download page here for packages

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Veejay 1.1 released

veejay 1.1 is available from the repository, its a bugfix release of

$ svn checkout svn://

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New article about veejay!

The german linux user magazine featured an article on veejay! It's in german, but I sort-of get the point, and I think they liked it. Go and check it out!

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Screenshots WANTED!

This site could do with some more nice screenshots. Show us how you run veejay, what programs you run on the side, and what effect combo's you've created. Send us your pictures, and we'll put them up here with a thank you note and a link to your site.

If you have the time and spirit to create some nice effect screendumps, those are welcome too. Please provide us with the name of the effect, and what settings you used to tweak the result. ( if they're nice, they might make it into a default).

Keep in mind not to use copyrighted material as we can't use that.

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mailinglist veejay-users canceled

The veejay's users mailinglist ( has been canceled. The mailinglist will not be used to distribute spam email to its users. If you have questions or comments about veejay, you can register on this website and write
a post.

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Documentation updated

Checkout the documentation area, for more articles on how to use veejay - sampling, mixing, midi connection, sendVIMS for pure data and more...

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veejay in ‘de l’effort’

David Olivari has used veejay for an interactive video installation called de l'effort.

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veejay for dyne:II

There are binaries of veejay 1.0 for DyneBolic 2.4.2

Download: veejay-1.0.dyne
Mirror: veejay-1.0.dyne
MD5 checksum: 5b9117b2079e4d63987648088d1f8e76

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What's new:

  • Redesigned “reloaded”
  • MIDI learning (press key and click)
  • Keystroke/Event record and playback
  • Slow motion video + audio
  • Sample sequence recorder
  • Several new FX


  • Keystroke recorder slots (ctrl + [f1..f10])
  • Keystroke recorder (shift + spacebar)
  • Keystroke playback (spacebar)
  • Keystroke clear (ctrl + spacebar)
  • Improved audio resampling and playback
  • Improved trickplay
  • Completed all UI components
  • Optimizations
  • Many bugfixes

Download Here

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