If you have created something with veejay, feel free to send a link about it.

video art installations

  • Le Cercle (2012/12) Robotic sculpture by Pascal Bauer. Video : 1, 2, 3. Real-time automated video splicing of short video sequences. The machine motion is driven by the video, not the opposite. Made with Veejay, Processing, Pure-Data, Archlinux, Arduino and a good deal of glue code :)
  • Rebounds Lab
  • Sonsbeek Theater Avenue
  • Landmark (2004) [1]

video performances

  • Yvonne va au Bal (2013-15) When an object theater meet live video mix. Video : 1, 2. Yvonne is a case made with recycled materials, she give them a second life. The object theater offers the ´╗┐´╗┐opportunity to tell short stories with on the way picked object, hijacking them, often, from their primary use. The narration is sequentially captured and directly remixed with Softwares...but Free ones. Made with Veejay, Arduino, Gphoto.