veejay environment variables

You can specify various environment variables to change veejay's behaviour.

VEEJAY_FULLSCREEN0 or 1Always starts veejay in fullscreen mode (usefull for installation mode)
VEEJAY_SCREEN_SIZEWidthXHeightSize of the video window in Twinview/One BigDesktop mode
VEEJAY_SCREEN_GEOMETRYWidthXHeight+XOffsetxYOffsetGeometry of your desktop and X/Y offset for video window
VEEJAY_CAPTURE_DRIVERunicap or v4lutilsSpecifies capture driver to use
VEEJAY_PERFORMANCEquality or fastestChoose between quality or speed


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TwinView setup, Screen 0:1600x1024 Screen1: 1024x768

$ export VEEJAY_DESKTOP_GEOMETRY=2624x1024+0x0  
$ export VEEJAY_VIDEO_SIZE=1024x768  
$ export VEEJAY_PERFORMANCE=quality  
$ veejay -v -w1024 -h768 myvideo.avi