veejay 1.4.3 released

This is a bugfix / cleanup release to Veejay 1.4

Easier to compile, several dependencies have been dropped:

  • Unicap

  • Mjpegtools

  • GtkCairo

Main changes:

  • Faster capturing (EffecTV's v4lutils) instead of Unicap

  • Added commandline switch to swap YUV range [0..255] <-> [16..235] on input video files

  • Better slow motion, interpolate first/last frame according to loop direction

  • Added skin for 1024x768 reloaded


* dropped gtkcairo dependency  
* added -l commandline paramter to reloaded to select ui skin  
* added -X commandline parameter to reloaded to set number of tracks  
* added reset midi layout to menu  
* added slow motion slider  
* added more tooltips  
* allow sample-in-sample creation  
* match sample slot image dimensions with slot container  
* fixed midi learner  
* fixed SRT positioning  
* fixed FX Anim  
* fixed sample loop recording  
* fixed crash on missing file in ~/.veejay/fonts  

* added -e commandline parameter to veejay to swap yuv range on input video  
* added 'VEEJAY_CAPTURE_DEVICE' environment variable to select between unicap  
or v4lutils capturing  
* dropped unicap dependency (optional now)  
* dropped mjpegtools dependency (required components are now included)  
* added v4lutils from EffecTV (default)  
* allow sample-in-sample creation  
* Interpolate first/last frame in slow motion according to loop direction  
* bugfixes to Sample and Stream behaviour  
* fixed compilation problems  
* fixed build problems on some distributions  


All-in-one source package: