veejay 1.5.3 released

veejay 1.5.3 is out now!

veejay-1.5.3 all-in-one package

  • Added support for basic (CCD) image calibration.
    (Dark Current subtraction & Flat Field Correction)
    There are two methods to combine frames: Average or Median Filter

  • Added new Stream 'Calibration Image' (bugged)
    Use this to load your calibration config and apply it to existing video

  • Added Constant-time median filtering from Simon Perreault
    ( )

  • Fixed VIMS 330 'Screenshot'

  • Fixed TrueType font name display

  • Fixed synchronization problem in Reloaded

  • Added VIMS message 'VIMS_CONTINUOUS_PLAY' for continuous sample
    (positions are not reset when switching samples. Required for veejay-

  • Added absolute cycle count to StatusMessage
    (status token #19 and #- Fixed setting Norm on commandline (fixes David's problem)

  • Fixed Dummy Mode

  • Changed Dummy mode to playback in 720x5476 PAL or 720x480 NTSC resolution
    ( set VEEJAY_RUN_MODE=CLASSIC environment variable to get old behaviour)

  • Refactorized OSC event handling. Use veejay -u to dump namespace. No pulling of data yet, only triggers.
    The new OSC namespaces matches VIMS 1:1

  • Added VIMS_SAMPLE_STACK message to pull FX mixing sources (veejay-

  • Added VIMS_CHAIN_FOLLOW_FADE message to switch sources after fading
    (Also added toggle button in Reloaded below the Chain Fade Slider)

  • Added the Constant-time median filtering algorithm as a new Image FX

  • Updated veejay's MAN page 20) Required for veejay-radar

  • Fixed connection instability issues (libvjnet)

  • Lots of bugfixes