sendVIMS client for Pure Data

sendVIMS is an external for Pure Data. with sendVIMS, you can send VIMS messages directly to veejay, and receive the complete status back. With a little patching and trial&error you could easily built a custom interface for a performance or installation.

I've whipped up some examples of what can be done in sendVIMS, wich also shows how fast a little prototyping can be done in pure data.

The pd patches in one tarbal: help-vims-patchestar.gz

1. Triggering actions with audio

shouting at the video makes it look weirder...

[Triggering actions from audio

2. Create a midi - videomixer

As of 1.0, midi is built into veejay, making this example less useful. Still, it shows some basic controlling done easily... replace with or

[Using MIDI to control playback

3. Building your custom playback-scrubber

See the sound example, maybe connect these two?

[Controlling the timeline in YOUR way

4. A simple video sequencer

Simple sequencing, or multiple veejays all controlled by one shout, it can be done.

[A simple video sequencer

###A simple video sequencer